Welcome to Terrace Heights Memorial Park: where tranquility meets history in the heart of Yakima suburb. Located in the Yakima Valley, Terrace Heights Memorial Park has beautifully maintained grounds, offering traditional burial, specific “Urn Gardens” for those who have chosen cremation, as well as an indoor and an outdoor Mausoleum/Columbarium with above ground crypts and niches.

Our History

For over 90 years, we have provided a serene final resting place amidst our captivating park setting.
Spread across 80 acres, our cemetery serves as the resting place to nearly 32,000 individuals, including notable figures from Yakima’s vibrant history and even the mother of a renowned country music legend.

Inspired by the beauty of Forest Lawn, Terrace Heights Memorial Park opted for ground-level markers instead of traditional standing tombstones. This approach not only offers uninterrupted vistas, but also facilitates ease of maintenance for our dedicated grounds crews.

Our meticulously maintained grounds include manicured lawns, picturesque brick-paved features, and a serene pond, graced by elegant swans. During the summer months, you’ll also find Canada geese and ducks calling our park their temporary haven. Initially introduced as Mute swans in 1935, we later transitioned to Trumpeter swans as per the state’s guidelines.

Join us at Terrace Heights Memorial Park, where nature’s embrace and a rich tapestry of history converge to honor the lives and legacies of those who rest within our peaceful sanctuary.